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Time Warner internet is also Spectrum internet

Time Warner cable internet is also Spectrum cable internet that offers high-speed internet connections for all your online needs.

Their most popular standalone internet package:

Spectrum internet for $44.99 a month

If you only want to connect 1 device to the web to give you fast and reliable service, adding the Spectrum Modem would be the ideal equipment to get. The modem secures all your online activities and compatible to use with UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh.

For busy households with 3-4 devices that want to go online at the same time, choosing the Home WiFi with modem would be the smartest choice. 3-4 multiple users and devices are ably supported without lag and buffer. The in-home WiFi connection gives you the ability to surf, work, stream, shop, game, share and more from all the rooms in the home.

Enjoy more and save more by signing up for more service offers from Time Warner/Spectrum double or triple play packages.

TV Select & Spectrum Internet for $89.98 a month

TV Silver & Spectrum Internet for $109.98 a month

Select Triple Play for $89.97 a month

Gold Triple Play for $129.97 a month

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