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Optimum packages for the best digital life

Optimum internet packages offer the perfect speed tiers to meet all you need online. Optimum deals can be custom-made for everything you need from high-speed internet, TV, and home phone services.

Optimum internet plans offer a wide range of speed tiers to fit your online needs and budget.

Optimum 10

Ideal for ‘light’ internet users that occasionally goes online to check emails, browse, surf, and post on social networks.

Optimum 60

Moderate users who go online to check emails, chat, post, and stream a little will love this speed tier that gives a fast downstream speed of 60 Mbps.

Optimum 100

Multiple devices and users will be ably supported by the super fast downstream speed of 100 Mbps as they do all their online business from shopping, streaming, video and photo sharing, gaming, and more at the same time, all the time.

Optimum 200

Avid gamers will enjoy the blistering downstream speed of 200 Mbps offered by this plan. Video conferencing will be easy and fast minus lag, buffer, and freeze. Stream, surf, browse, and more all you want, all the time.

Optimum 300

Need we say more? The incredible crazy downstream speed of 300 Mbps will meet all you want to do online such as the instant download of huge files, maximum gaming experience, video chatting, streaming movies, shows, and events all at the same time on all your devices. Multiple users and devices quickly and simultaneously connect to everything on the web without lag and buffer.

Save more and enjoy more by choosing to bundle your high-speed internet with Optimum TV deals. Adding the TV package gives you a choice to opt for more than 620 channels, with 165 of them in full HD. Get in touch with local news to know what’s happening in your location as well as enjoy thousands of On Demand shows, events, and programs. Download the Optimum App on all your mobile devices to catch up on your favorite events, shows, movies, and programs wherever you will be.

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