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EarthLink in El Paso leads over other ISPs

EarthLink internet plans and packages provide services that can always be counted on. EarthLink cable packages provide locals all access to everything they need online that is not restricted by devices, ports, protocol or application as long as it is within the bounds of the law.

EarthLink has the capability to block, postpone or cancel any subscriber account, Protocol addresses or ports if they are involved in activities such as phising, hosting malicious websites, hacking, identity theft, and more. This is in line with the company’s creed to protect each subscriber account and their network.

With this said it is hardly surprising then that subscribers want to sign up with EarthLink than with any other internet service provider. EarthLink offers DSL, Cable, and Dial-up internet services to address every subscriber’s needs and wants at home.

EarthLink internet prices are affordable and bundling your internet service with a phone from EarthLink saves you more on your digital services with the convenience of one monthly bill for both.

EarthLink offers the following services:

Dial-Up internet for $9.95 a month

DSL internet for $14.95 a month

EarthLink Freestanding DSL service

Satellite Internet service

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