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Cable One internet, TV, and home phone deals

Cable One in El Paso offers the best digital deals when it comes to high-speed internet, TV, and home phone. Cable One internet prices give you the best value for fast and reliable connections to the web.

When it comes to a high-speed internet connection in the home, Cable One offers the following plans and packages:

Economy Pack

The fast downstream speeds of 50 Mbps connects you and your devices to all you want online from streaming, sharing, surfing, posting, and more.

Premier Pack

A notch higher with zippy downstream speeds of 60 Mbps along with a fast upstream speed of 3 Mbps. This speed tier plan would be the ideal one to choose when life online is about gaming, surfing, and even video conferences.

Ultra Pack

The name alone gives you an idea that this would be the ultimate speed tier offer from Cable One. The blistering downstream speed of 70 Mbps along with the fast upstream speed of 6 Mbps levels up the gaming experience as well as share big files without lag and buffer. Busy households with multiple devices that want to stay connected all the time, at the same time will love this speed tier.

Combining TV and the high-speed internet gives you the best digital experience right in your home. With TV Everywhere from Cable One, enjoy watching all your favorite channels, shows, and events on any wireless device. Here are the TV offers from Cable One:

Economy Cable TV

The Economy pack includes all local channels such as shows, weather reports, news, and more.

Standard Cable TV

The Standard pack gives a lineup of more than 100 channels, some of which are in full HD. Choosing this plan gives you the chance to add TiVo to max out your home entertainment.

Great savings are in store for you if you opt out for all three digital services from Cable One. Find out what, how, and where available by calling us today.