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It was always the same story for us when searching for the best and cheapest internet, cable, or bundle deals available in our area. One service provider always offered cheaper internet service, while the other had better cable deals, while another offered a monthly bundle special with high-speed internet, and it goes on and on — you know what we’re talking about. Calling around and bouncing between numerous provider sites to find the best and cheapest deals available; plus, having to keep track of everything without being able to directly compare providers was exhausting, frustrating, and grossly inefficient.

Needless to say, our frustration sparked a strong desire to find an easier and more centralized process. We found a better way and it’s all YOURS. We partnered with “Acceller, Inc.” to provide you with the ability to get what you need. Now, with one hassle-free search you can (1) search; (2) compare; and (3) purchase your digital services from numerous participating providers in your area.

Our goal is to continually improve on our core focus of “allowing you to compare, find, and purchase the best and cheapest internet, cable, phone, and bundle services available from trusted participating providers in your area.”