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Cheap internet possibilities in El Paso

When it comes to broadband connections, El Paso has one of the most competitive markets serviced by giant internet service providers. The different internet service providers all offer a variety of wired connections such as cable and DSL. Areas in El Paso that do not have access to wired services are also serviced by six wireless companies.

Living within the city can give high-speed internet connections up to 100 Mbps, but average downstream speeds are usually 33.6 Mbps in Texas. Based on surveys, there are 5000 El Paso County residents that have no access to wired or wireless internet services even when 96% of these people have the choice of selecting offers from two or more wired and wireless providers.

The statistics only prove that while people do want to have residential internet connections, the cheapest internet deals are beyond their budget. But, is it really?

As mentioned, wired services include DSL and cable internet connections. Cheap cable internet offers come from a variety of cable internet providers that are readily available within the city’s limits. Fiber optic services have also become available in some areas with DSL almost 100% in the city.

The stiff competition among the different internet service providers makes cheap internet in El Paso definitely possible. The internet connection only becomes expensive when services come from a single provider. Not so with El Paso where residents have the choice to have internet access from the various ISPs. What’s stopping these 96% county locals from connecting to the internet?

The cost of an internet connection is, and will always be the main issue. It naturally follows that higher speeds also mean higher prices. That may be so, but top internet providers offer cheap internet subsidies for qualified families. Under the subsidy programs, internet plans can be as low as $14 a month, all in, including equipment and installation. Check us out here to learn more about these special programs.

Internet accesses that are publicly funded are available in El Paso. This is the cheapest internet option, being 100% free of charge. There are currently 14 public institutions and libraries offering free internet access for all residents. They often offer different tech services and computer literacy classes for free. All you need to do is to call ahead to get the schedules of these free services.

Lower internet speeds also mean cheaper rates. A 6 Mbps downstream speed can cost as little as $14 a month to support online activities such as streaming videos and music, sharing photos, and browsing. Higher speed tiers are good only if the online need is high too. Paying only for what you need is the smartest way to save on your digital bills.

Public WiFi access is free internet offered by restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, train and bus stations, airports and more. The internet speed can be slow and privacy almost nil, but it’s free.

Wireless internet connections have plans that charge cheap monthly rates. A one-time purchase of a modem may set you back a little but worth the price by the month.

Check us out today to get other cheap internet options in El Paso.